Life Experience

Covering Letter Crazy

You’re not supposed to copy and paste cover letters when applying for jobs, but when you’re getting as desperate as I am, it’s kind of important to throw as many applications out there as possible. Trouble is, you then start to make mistakes. This morning, I’ve applied for seven administrative roles and I’ve succeeded in accidentally addressing people with the wrong name, saying I’m applying for one job, when it’s actually another. This does more bad than it does good, so I’m taking a break today.

I do find it difficult, and a bit of a pain, however, when you try to apply for a generic office job at minimum wage and the employer has devised such a large maze of an application process that it’s a waste of time and probably not worth it. Through a pile of questions vaguely asking about your personality, to the requirement of writing a two page covering letter, to providing references from the last three years. It’s totally off-putting. I would 100% put my all into an application, if it asked for all of these things, if the job was something that I wanted, something that would take me onto a good career, but when it’s for an office skivvy, it doesn’t come across as worth it. All they want is someone to type up letters and make coffee, why do I need to give you a thousand words explaining why I’m perfect for that role? Maybe it’s to filter out people like me, because there will be people out there who jump through all the hoops for a barely minimum wage (and more often than not, part time) job. Perhaps I’ll do that, when I get completely and utterly desperate.

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