Things are getting serious…

Writing my first blog post from my brand new machine is incredibly exciting. It’s offensively pink and small and the keyboard is beautiful to type on and I’m not sure I’ve fallen in love with something this quickly. Today, Sam bought me an HP Stream laptop/netbook and I love it. It’s for blogging, it’s for writing and everything that I want to achieve feels far more possible now. I’ve been feeling dissatisfied for a while now when typing on an iPad because you can’t feel the words that you type. Sure, you can hear a clickety-clack of the imaginary buttons as you type but I’ve got a thing about feeling the words. I handwrite a lot of my stuff because it feels better that way…

This means now that everything is official. I don’t have to borrow Sam’s Macbook anymore, I don’t have to steal computers at work to blog, and I don’t have to suffer with the layouts that the iPad can’t seem to handle on WordPress. I can blog to my heart’s content and it’s guaranteed to be a fast experience. I do have an old laptop, but it takes about two years to turn on so it’s a bit redundant when you have thoughts swimming around your head. Having a machine this useful also means that I can apply for jobs far easier and might actually get somewhere now (although I have an interview coming up for a chocolate company soon but shh).

All of this counts on me not being lazy and putting 110% effort into my dream. Or more, probably should be more. But it’s where I want to be and having my own typing machine with actual buttons is going to make sure I realise all of that.

Peace out.

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