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Snap Happy

I have a new camera – spoilt beyond belief by the best Sam ever – because I wanted to get a bit more profesh with my photos. My phone’s okay and everything for it, but there’s just something about having a camera in your hand that makes everything 100% better. The one I have is absolutely perfect, a Nikon Coolpix L330, and where it’s a bridge camera and not a DSLR it’s all I want to be able to take decent pictures that I can be reasonably proud of. My fingers are itching to press the button and get some snaps but the only opportunity so far has been my cat (seeing the HD whiskers in his face has been a treat, though) and I feel the need to run away somewhere and take some arty farty photos. I hope that photography will be something I can add to this already blossoming blog page – film reviews, matters, travel and now photography? What more does one need! Haha. Stay tuned.

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