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Schools are a very strange place to work. Tweens and teens are abound, wondering about the world and how they are going to grow up into it which of course involves lots and lots of confused and questionable conversations about sex. They have no idea, and it’s sort of adorable but more often than not, it’s quite disturbing. Sure, they have sex education all throughout high school and, yeah that might teach them what not to do but it sure doesn’t teach them how to see it as a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do. They giggle, they blush and they say as vulgar things as possible, anything that their brains can conjure up.

Today, as I was sitting with one of my sixth form students, working on some Media assignments, a group of nerds – apologies, there is literally NO other way to describe them – entered the library and started to play a card game. Throughout this card game there were plenty of comments about sex and not wanting to be in a relationship because who needs women for that kind of commitment and the one, the only, the best comment I have ever heard leave someone’s lips: I’m a wizard, now I can have sex! Well, little boy, as far as I am happy for you, I am also questioning whether the status of a wizard – and not the Harry Potter type either – guarantees one sexual activities. Cute.

Now, I’m not claiming that I had any clue about all of the sex stuff when I was at school, because I didn’t; I did all my learning throughout university to be fair, after having the foundations laid there by the school so that I knew how to be safe and happy. Some tweens, however, need to definitely tone it down because I’m probz going to turn around to look at them with my judgey teacher eyes that I am perfecting and shame my head whilst saying, “Boys, you gotta stop, misogyny is not a good look.”


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