Oh Hai 3rd Year…

The third week of the first semester of my final year has just come to a close and TGIF, am I right? Third year. Ah. It’s actually the end. Everyone told me it would fly by and did I believe them? No hashtaglol. This year is going to consist of two sizeable film productions, a ten thousand word dissertation, accompanying commentaries of around 2,500 words a five thousand word portfolio or two talking about what I have learned and what I’m going to do with my life. Uh huh. I see. Right. I’m making this sound like I came to university not expecting to get any work, it’s not like that, really. It’s just that…well. Are there enough days for this? Will there be enough hours for sleep? I like sleep.

Of course, I’m having you on. Jk. But seriously, I am. I’m gonna embrace it. Welcome you dissertation and you production (gonna be sound designer btw for anyone who wants to hire me 😉 I know what I’m doing, js). I realise I’ve used a lot of acronyms in this. Sigh. I hang around with my cool friends too much, they’re rubbing off on me.

In other news, I’m hoping to do a[nother] vlog soon about Star Trek and Into Darkness. I’ve been requested to do these because the people who I acquaint with are quite partial to a bit of Star Trek here and there. I will be honest in the video.

And to finish, here’s some adorable kitties to make you giggle (Just in case I didn’t entertain you).

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